PVH specialty latex

About PVH specialty latex

PVH is a specialty latex useful for dipping and coating applications involving high modulus and excellent ageing. A major use is in the back coating of artificial fur fabrics and the manufacture of propylatics.

  • Total Solid Content (TSC) %: 60.3
  • Mechanical Stability (secs): 980 Average results
  • Ammonia content (%): 0.68
  • Ford Cup 3 Viscosity @ 25°C (sec): 30.5
  • pH: 10.8
  • Unaged modulus at 700% (MPa): 16.0
  • Unaged tensile strenght (MPa): 25.0
  • Aged (22hrs at 100ºC ) modulus at 700% (MPa): 50 min
  • Aged (22hrs at 100ºC ) tensile strenght: 75 Average results
  • Product form(s): Liquid
  • Packaging option(s): Bulk, Drum, IBC
Product Data Sheet
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Product Data Sheet

PVH specialty latex

Date: Saturday, Jun 22, 2024

Product Specification

Total Solid Content (TSC) %60.3
Mechanical Stability (secs)980 Average results
Ammonia content (%)0.68
Ford Cup 3 Viscosity @ 25°C (sec)30.5
Unaged modulus at 700% (MPa)16.0
Unaged tensile strenght (MPa)25.0
Aged (22hrs at 100ºC ) modulus at 700% (MPa)50 min
Aged (22hrs at 100ºC ) tensile strenght75 Average results
Product form(s):Liquid
Packaging option(s)Bulk, Drum, IBC

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