PSH natural rubber latex

About PSH natural rubber latex

PSH is a specially treated high ammonia centrifuged natural rubber latex which possesses similar properties as a single centrifuged latex except for some outstanding advantages.

  • Total Solid Content (TSC) %: 61.0
  • Filtrability (gm/cm3/min): 1325
  • Ammonia content (%): 0.70
  • VFA no: 0.05 max
  • Coagulum: 50 max
  • Microcoagulum (ppm): 50 max
  • Brookfield LVT viscosity (spindle 1/30 rpm, 25˚C cps): 85
  • Filtrability (gm/cm3/min): 30 min
  • Product form(s): Liquid
  • Packaging option(s): Bulk
Product Data Sheet
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Product Data Sheet

PSH natural rubber latex

Date: Friday, Jul 19, 2024

Product Specification

Total Solid Content (TSC) %61.0
Filtrability (gm/cm3/min)1325
Ammonia content (%)0.70
VFA no0.05 max
Coagulum50 max
Microcoagulum (ppm)50 max
Brookfield LVT viscosity (spindle 1/30 rpm, 25˚C cps)85
Filtrability (gm/cm3/min)30 min
Product form(s):Liquid
Packaging option(s)Bulk

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