Description of the Triazine

Triazine UV absorbers allows polycarbonates and polyesters to achieve a higher resistance to weathering than conventional benzotriazole UV absorbers. Suitable for polyalkene terephthalates & naphthalates, linear and branched polycarbonates, modified polyphenylene ether compounds, and various high performance plastics. For example, Omnistab UV 1577 TF is a Toluene Free hydroxyphenyl triazine grade. Acts as a UV absorber. Exhibits very low volatility and good compatibility with a variety of polymers, co-additives and resin compositions. Secondly, Omnistab UV 1164, acts as a light stabilizer. Offers high inherent UV stability and minimal color contribution. Exhibits low interaction with metals. Possesses high permanence. Shows very good compatibility with other stabilizer chemistries.

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