Etkin Kimya

Etkin Kimya

Etkin Kimya was incorporated in İstanbul, Turkey. Etkin Kimya offer the widest range of additives for mainly plastic and powder coating to satisfy even the most sophisticated need of an always wider and competent market.

We supplies various industries around the world with metallic soaps, several basic stabilizing components, Ca/Zn and tin stabilizers, internal and external lubricants, processing aids, acrylic and MBS based impact modifiers, special waxes and other specialty chemicals.

We supply the following industries in Turkey with raw materials and additives;

  • Plastic
  • Powder coating
  • Paint
  • Ink
  • Adhesives

Our aim, to supply special additives fastly, most suitable and stable quality, cost effectively, easy of selection according to our customers requests.


Becoming  a permanent, and excellent company putting a smile on its customers’ faces by refreshing its values in the our market.


Offering right products and services at optimum quality to our customers through the fastest logistic service.

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