We are specialist for chemical industry and create solution to market need!

We provide customers with based on 3 basic segmented items through excellent co-working with our chemical source.

First, Eco-friendly item with additive of coating, ink & ceramics for waterborne system.

Second, Specialty item with resin for automotive, mobile phone & plastic film.

Third, Fundamental item with filler like talc & barite under high quality with domestic manufacturer.

We are dealing with items of following industries in Korea.

  • Coating, Ink, Adhesives, Ceramic :
  • Additive for waterborne system(Defoamer, Thickener, Dispersant, Wetting agent)
  • Special resin: PUD, Acryl emulsion, Urethane modified CPO
  • UV resin: Monomer, Oligomer
  • Filler: Talc, BaSO4
  • Plastic:
  • Filler: Talc, BaSO4
  • Antistatic additive

Our members have chemical background and chemical working experience.

We are ready to enjoy from inquiry of market even it is challenging & hard.

We want be a bridge between chemical industry & customers and share our chemical experience with our future customers for better performance & solution.