N3Coat Ltd.


Technical know-how and expertise allow us to understand our customers’ existing and future needs and translate them into professional solutions and technical partnerships with our customers and partners.

We believe in transparency with our customers and partners. This is illustrated by an ever growing number of customers and activities in the Israeli market.

Reliability on Quality and delivery time as well as flexibility to meet customer requirements is essential.


  • Product development
  • Technical support
  • Provision of specialty chemicals to the coatings, plastics and rubber industry


  • Plastics –UV stabilizers, UV absorbers, Anti-Oxidants, Blowing agents, Fillers, sphers, specialty dyes and pigments, waxes, Peroxides and more….
  • Coatings -UV/Radcure, waterborne, solvent borne (High/Low solids)
  • Rubber – Anti-Oxidants, fillers, initiators, dyes, specialty pigments

N3Coat offers custom made solutions and create partnerships based on technical added value.


  • Product development – R&D team devoted to new solutions tailor made to the market constant needs of innovation
  • Technical support – Highly qualified chemists and application engineers deliver solutions to our ever growing customer base
  • Toll manufacturing – Our long term partners allow us to produce any product with the most suitable partner in the most suitable facilities
  • Sales and distribution – Our global network of agents and distributors enable us to give full solutions to our customers and to our long term partners

For more details, please visit us online at http://www.n3coat.com/