Introducing OMNISTAB UV 400: the UV absorber for coating products


As the lives of more people improve, almost all families nowadays have their own car or even two. The increase in cars also means an increase in demand for quality car paint: nobody wants to see surface cracks or the paint fading on his car. That’s why car manufacturers have begun to look for automotive coatings that can resist extreme environments. When it comes to paint, also home decorating faces a similar problem: how to find a coating that it is not easy to volatilize into the air. As it turns out, this actually has been a major problem of decoration in the world, up till now. Introducing our UV product Omnistab UV 400, we offer a workable solution. Omnistab UV 400 is an UV absorber that both enhances the weatherability and substantially alleviates the problems of paint decoration decay.

Triazine Liquid UV absorber

Omnistab UV 400 is a kind of triazine liquid UV absorber for coating products. We specially developed it for industrial coatings, automotive coatings and coatings with a high performance and durability. It has the following advantages:

  1. Excellent thermal stability and environmental durability. This makes it suitable for paint products used in high temperature or other extreme conditions;
  2. Low migration and high efficiency;
  3. Good light stability that ensures a long using life;

Product performance

Omnistab UV 400 has reached the same levels as some well-known domestic additives products supplier. This is why Omnistab UV 400 can successfully replace expensive foreign products. Looking at the above absorption spectrum, you can see that the absorption parameters are almost identical.

Omnistab UV 400 is an ultraviolet absorber which has no internal reaction with other components of the target product system, and is specially used for amine catalysis or metal catalytic curing coating system. Because of its light color and good stability, this product is also particularly suitable for use in UV curing coatings. The application of Omnistab UV 400 with Omnistab LS 292 or Omnistab LS 123 can significantly improve the performance, and the synergistic effect will improve the gloss of varnish, reduce the occurrence of cracks and bubbles and possible off color painting.