Building with plastic without weatherability problems? Omnistab UV 1600 is your answer

Polymers are a miracle resource for modern architecture. Nowadays almost all building interior materials can be replaced by plastic or other polymers. Its diversity leaves nothing to be desired: transparent like glass, available in a wide range of colors and playful forms – almost anything is possible. And additionally, plastics weigh much less than traditional materials. But weatherability has so far proved a challenge for completely embracing plastic in building.

Therefore, polymer additives are essential during manufacturing processes. It safeguards the exquisite look of surfaces despite being exposed to decades of changing weather conditions and sunlight. In order to keep the appearance of the polymer product in harsh environments, manufacturers have been searching for some kinds of additives to keep the appearance of their products. And now, Partners in Chemicals successfully developed the new generation triazines UV absorber called Omnistab UV 1600.

The high level of radiation that Omnistab UV 1600 absorbs, makes it the most powerful UV protector on the market now. As a polymer additive with excellent resistance to heat, it has particularly incited interest in the construction industry – from large-scale shopping centers and office buildings to football stadiums and high-quality greenhouses. Because today many large buildings not only contain glass surfaces but also a considerable number of transparent surfaces made of plastics. Omnistab UV 1600 can play a good role in UV absorption in these aspects.

Omnistab UV 1600’s properties:

  1. High-performance UV protection from the triazine class which effectively absorbs rays with a large wavelength range;
  2. Can be used with a wide range of polymers such as polycarbonates, PET, acrylics and many other materials;
  3. Helps surfaces to withstand decades of different weather conditions.

Omnistab UV 1600’s applicable material system:

  1. PET, PBT, PC (Linear and Branched);
  2. TPEE, PMMA, Acrylic copolymer;
  3. PA, PS, SAN, ASA, polyolefins;
  4. Other polymer products that are required for transparency;

Omnistab UV 1600 can provide many polymer materials a long time protection, specifically for the outer surface of any thin layer. Omnistab UV 1600 helps to maintain long-term mechanical properties, color and transparency of sheet, film and fiber. Its excellent ultraviolet absorption ability can minimize the loss caused by harsh climate environment. Omnistab UV 1600 performs better than the UV absorbers already available on the market.