When Dennis van Barneveld set up his business plan for Partinchem in 2005, the last and most important puzzle piece was to find a partner to source polymer additives from China. Not just for logistics and sales, but someone who completely understands the customers and who only aims for the best products and customer service. They found this in Qingdao with Mike Zou, and together they started the partnership that resulted in Partners in Chemicals and establishment of Deltachem in 2012.

“We work with people from the Netherlands, China, Israel, Dubai, Pakistan… it’s really a United Nations”, Mike tells with a smile. “We are building bridges across cultures. That’s how it started, with Dennis from the Netherlands, Danny from Israel and myself, hailing from Qingdao, China. Our business philosophy is what binds us,” Mike says. “We see business as the way for a better life. That means that we aim high. Quality chemical products for a competitive price and a customer centric mindset. We go for a long term relationship, always. Because that’s what makes work and life so much more rewarding.”

The solution provider in the polymer additives market
Deltachem is established as a trading company for chemicals. “We source specialty chemicals for a variety of purposes. For the weatherability of car paint and buildings, to laser absorbers and cross-linking polyolefins. We really are a solution provider”, Mike points out. “So, customers come to us with a very specific need, like an UV absorber for a very light color that’s also flame retardant for example. We match that need, either with a single production or with a blend. And when the customer is satisfied with our product and price, we arrange the logistics, the financing and shipment. Throughout the whole process, communication is key. Because our customers need to be able to count on us.”

How is Deltachem developing? What are your future plans? “Our sales hit a new record in the Asia Pacific region. OMNISTAB® has become a prime brand in the polymer additives market in China. But”, Mike says, “We can only exist as long as we serve our customers in their needs, in the best way possible. So, for the future we are planning to extend our own production and R&D. This will enable us to service more customers, and help bring their business to a higher level.”