New strategic cooperation in the production of OMNISTAB liquid light stabilizers

Partners in Chemicals and Lianyungang Shengnan Chemical Co., Ltd. announced a long-term cooperation. “Together we will grow and optimize the production capacity. We will invest in research and development of our Omnistab liquid light stabilizers.”, said CEO Van Barneveld from Partners in Chemicals.

Both Partners in Chemicals and Lianyungang Shengnan Chemical believe that the sharing of resources and upgrading the business cooperation model in the field of special liquid light stabilizers will lead to better customer service and expansion of the market share worldwide.

The starting point of the coorporation is taking part together in the American Coating Show (ACS) 2016 in Indianapolis, the Chinacoat 2016 in Guangzhou China and the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2017 in Nurnberg Germany.

About Lianyungang Shengnan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Lianyungang Shengnan Chemical Co., Ltd. Is founded in August 2006 and located in the Duigougang Chemical Park in the beautiful city of Lianyungang. With an occupied floor area of 66,000 sq. meters, it is a technology-intensive company integrating R & D, manufacture and sales. Innovation is the soul of the company and the driving force for the sustainable development. Boasting advanced equipment, high-caliber R & D team, scientific management and high quality products, the company aims to satisfy the needs of customer from around the world.