Introducing N3coat

It’s all about people

Danny Segev knew additives and coatings would make an interesting market. But his employer at the time was only focused on the construction market. “To utilize the potentials I saw, I had to start my own company and follow my own way.” N3coat sources and produces raw materials and additives. An introduction from John Huiberts from IGM Resins BV brought Danny together with Dennis from Partners in Chemicals: “It’s all about connecting with people and building a value chain together that is win-win for everyone.”

“I believe in an honest and open way of doing business. The Chinese call this putting your true face on the table. Only when everyone benefits, you can build a long term relationship with people”, Danny explains. “Short term thinking is for lucky people. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in working hard. If you find people with whom you enjoy working and everyone adds value to the chain, then you will be successful. If you’re also lucky, then that’s a bonus.”

Quality of life

The name N3Coat stands for coating, one of their product ranges, and for entrecôte, a premium cut of beef. “Around the world, business happens on the lunch or dinner table. Food is an easy thing to talk about with any kind of people. Food opens the door and makes people feel comfortable”, Danny points out. “We shouldn’t take work so seriously. I also started my business to be able to spend more time with my family. That’s what matters most.”

N3Coat not only sources raw materials in Israel and China, the company also develops unique solutions. “That’s what I am most proud of”, Danny tells. “We develop new products, the Omnistab product range, together with customers or based on market expectations. This is where we can add real value, we have the know-how. Not just with buying and selling, but with unique products that answer specific customer needs. That makes our customer happy because it enables him to make the products he wants for his customers. And the supplier gets a good price. This is a value chain where everyone is making a good business”, Danny outlines. As a last business tip Danny says: “Start with finding a blue ocean, a market that has no competition. With a unique product that matches a real business need, you’ll have an uncontested market.”