ICG Specialty Group expands portfolio

As of july 2016, the ICG Specialty Group expands and can also be called a manufacturer of light stabilizers and antioxidants. Collaborating with DELTACHEM Co., Ltd. and Tanshang Longquan Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd. In China led to the new role for the fast growing company.

The ICG Specialty Group is a global supplier of polymer additives whose proprietary Omnistab brand is known and highly regarded around the world. Deltachem is the only Partners in Chemicals subsidiary in Asia and has come to specialize in providing professional solutions in the polymer additives field. Tanshang Longquan, by contrast, is among the most successful suppliers of HALS products (hindered amine light stabilizers).

New product range

The newly developed product ranges are called Omnistab LS, Omnistab UV and Omnistab AN, and the current focus is on the production of Omnistab LS 622 and LS 944. For the latter two, an annual total of 3000 tons per product per year should be produced. In addition, Partners in Chemicals has come with a new product line: toluene-free Omnistab UV 1577, now joining the portfolio of UV triazines.

With their investment of 20 million US dollars in production, the ICG Group is committed to providing an even larger variety of professional solutions and quality products for the future. The portfolio of new self-produced light stabilizers and antioxidants expands with the following products:

  • Omnistab LS 944
  • Omnistab LS 622
  • Omnistab LS B 783
  • Omnistab LS 119
  • Omnistab UV 3346
  • Omnistab UV 4050
  • Omnistab UV HA 8800
  • Omnistab AN 565
  • Omnistab AN 412S
  • Omnistab AN 1520
  • Omnistab AN 1425

Partners in Chemicals

We consider ourselves specialists of the Asian polymer additives production market. Partners in Chemicals differentiates with excellent service, in-depth technical knowledge and an invaluable understanding of the Chinese production markets. We service small and large companies, with door-to-door delivery and flexible logistic solutions.