European Coatings Show 2016

Our booth in Hall 4 on stand 4-302 showed a new generation of coating additives. Including the UV Absorber, Antioxidant, Photo Initiator and Optical Brightener. We were also proud to present our new product Omnistab UV 400. A new generation UV absorber, which can be used in solvent based coatings and water-based coatings. Such as industrial coatings, furniture coatings and high-grade automotive coatings.

During this exhibition we also showed the new generation product NIR: a rare and high efficiency anti fake ink additive. NIR is produced by our R&D center in Israel, whose broad absorption varies from 850nn to 1250nm with maximum absorption wave length at 1050nm. When used in high amounts, NIR changes the situations in which the color of products is affected. NIR has the advantages of high absorption rate with a low added weight.

About Shengnan Chem

Lianyungang Shengnan Chemical Co. Ltd. is a technology-intensive company integrating R&D, manufacture and sales. It is an all-round high-tech chemical company specialized in the R &D, manufacture and sales of liquid UV Absorber, liquid Light Stabilizer and liquid Photo Initiator. Boasting advanced equipment, high-caliber R & D team, scientific management and high quality products, Shengnan Chem can satisfy the needs of customers from around the world. Shengnan Chem has invested more than 50 million to upgrade the production equipment and environmental protection equipment in this year. It is becoming a leading provider of Photo Initiator and Liquid Optical stabilizer products in Asia.

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