Daniel Knegt

Why we sponsor paratriathlon athlete Daniel Knegt

Triathlon is a multiple-stage competition in which three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines are completed. It requires stamina, physical fitness and perseverance. For Partners in Chemicals these are the same requirements for delivering chemical products of high quality at a competitive price and with certainty of delivery. Paratriathlon is a variant of the triathlon for athletes with a physical disability. Dutchman Daniel Knegt lost his eyesight after an army accident in 2005. Partners in Chemicals is a proud sponsor of Daniel. As a blind sportsman in the top leagues of paratriathlon he inspires other people with visual impairment to also do sports.

ITU WPS Gold Coast

Recently he participated in the ITU WPS Gold Coast with his guide Koen de Leeuw. The program included swimming, tandem cycling and running. Daniel tells: “We made a quick start, to create some free space to swim. The Australian competition was right behind us, but they couldn’t pass. After six rounds staying ahead, we blasted first on the cycling course and quickly our speed was above 50 km per hour. The running was fierce, after the first turning point we encounter our competitors. After 2,5 km we are still ahead, but we felt the Australians breathing in our neck. They pass us at 4 km and we can’t get back ahead. The last kilometer we defended our second place and managed to finish second in the WPS Gold Coast.” An excellent start of the season, as this placed Daniel Knegt and Koen de Leeuw from a 13th place to the 5th place in the world rankings.

Please visit their website at http://www.danielknegt.nl