Cross-linking - OMNISTAB PH2

Cross-linking polyolefins with UV for lower cost and better performance

In polymer materials, polyolefins are the most widely used general thermoplastic polymer materials. They play an increasingly important role in our life, as they find usage for toys, electronics, clothing furniture and more. But since polyolefins have a low softening point and low mechanical strength, their application is not as widespread as it could. An effective way to improve the performance of polyolefins are to make them crosslink


There are three methods for polyolefin cross-linking: high-energy radiation, chemical and UV cross-linking. At present, the first two methods are most used worldwide. But compared with high-energy radiation and chemical methods, UV cross-linking method has obvious advantages:

  • Only simple equipment and low investment is needed;
  • Less damage to polyolefin molecular chains;
  • A simple operation that requires little staff;
  • No plant is required;
  • Low cost, with cost savings of 60 to 70 percent compared to traditional method costs.

For the above reasons, replacing the traditional cross-linking method with the UV method is an inevitable trend.

R&D Center

Our R&D center in Israel recently developed a new UV crosslink agent: Omnistab PH2 for polyolefins. Compared with other polyolefin UV cross-linking agents, Omnistab PH2 has better compatibility and can better promote the cross-linking. The polyolefin performance is also much better than in other crosslink agent results.

This product can be used both for 2D and 3D cross-linking and is widely used to improve the performance of polyolefin monolayer and multi-layer film. It also greatly improves the use temperature of polyolefin and the resistance to stress cracking, as it actually improve its physical and chemical properties. Omnistab PH2 is applicable for these products: LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, EMA, HDPE, PP, ethylene and propylene copolymer. Applicable industries includes: film, shrink film, cable, pipe, auto parts and so on.