In-house production

In our assortment you will find a growing number of in-house produced additives. For HALS, benzotriazole and triazine UV absorbers our production plants are in Hebei and Jiangsu province in China. The production is guaranteed under the highest quality certification.

Toll manufacturing

If we do not have in-house production we work with global certified production partners who produce with western standards following the latest ISO certification.

Global presence

Besides our own offices we work with partners who can serve the market locally, have local stock and have knowledge of the local needs.

Quick follow up and excellent service

Partners in Chemicals differentiates with excellent service, in-depth technical knowledge and an invaluable understanding of the Chinese production markets. We service small and large companies, with door-to-door delivery and flexible logistic solutions. We respond promptly to market needs, provide accurate product information and strive to bridge the gap between producers and end-users.

Long term partnerships

As a Partners in Chemicals customer you’ll have access to our excellent support and technical advice. We see your specific need as our starting point for a long lasting relationship. We aim to be the long term link between chemical producers and manufacturers. We want to be your Partners in Chemicals.

If you have any specific query, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail, start the Chat function or make a call back request. We are happy to help and show that we are indeed your Partners in Chemicals.




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