UV stabilization for PU Car seats

Omnistag UV 1 can be used in PU foaming materials, especially when it is combined with Omnistab LS 292, this will produce excellent synergistic effect. In the field of PU foaming materials, we have sufficient mature experience to share with you! The following additives are also applicable to this system, and the effect is also considerable. UV absorber: OMNISTAB UV 571: It is a Benzotriazole UV absorber with good feedback in TPU and PU soft foam materials. OMNISTAB UVB 75: A type of compounded additive which is customized. The components of UVB75 include UV571, LS292 and AN1135. Antioxidant: OMNISTAB AN1135: A liquid hindered phenolic antioxidant. It is used in automotive interiors and PU materials. • It is worth mentioning that if you have high requirements for anti-yellowing effect, it will be a better choice to combine with antioxidant.

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