UV for use in textile application on Polyamide

UV protection for use in textile application on Polyamide. End-temperature would be at boiling temperature approx. 95 – 120°C in acidic pH-range between 4.2 – 6.5. Omnistab UV 1164(Triazine UV absorber). It has excellent thermal stability, can reduce photodegradation of fiber more effectively. This additive has good acid resistance, so it can be used in customer’s processing system. Omnistab UV 234: It is a different type of Benzotriazole UV Absorber which has high temperature resistance. Omnistab UV BP 2 (Benzophenones UV Absorber): It also has good compatibility with PA fibers, and also could well work in acid processing system. Omnistab UV BP 12 (UV 531): It is a kind of Benzophenones UV Absorber suitable for most polymeric substrates with good compatibility. The recommend dosage is 0.5% - 1.0%. It is also possible to dissolve the material first in common solvents like, chloroform, Methylene chloride, toluene.

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