Protection of modified silicone based systems

MS (modified silicone) is a polymer with many excellent physical properties: high and low temperature resistance, weathering resistance and anti-corrosion. To improve the application performance, we recommend the following two additives: Omnistab UV BP12 & Omnistab AN1520. Omnistab UV BP12 is a benzophenone ultraviolet absorber widely used in polymer materials. It has good transmittance in visible light range. Thus, it’s suitable for the MS. Its recommended dosage is 0.5%-2.0%. Omnistab AN 1520: It is a liquid antioxidant for rubber material. In the process of processing or long time use, it can play an excellent antioxidant efficacy. And it has a good synergistic effect with UV Bp12. Its recommended dosage is 0.5%-1.0%.

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