Protection for polypropylene for seating in outdoors and after 10 years exposure has to retain 50% of its properties.

Due to the environmental use and service life the products require that they have high weather resistance and stability, we recommend adding antioxidants to the system in addition to UV & HALS. Specific recommended additives package for high weatherability PP materials is as follows: Omnistab UV329: It is a benzotriazole UV absorber suitable for PP material. It has a wide absorption band, so it has a comprehensive UV protection effect. Omnistab LS 944: It is a HALS with high molecular weight. Therefore, it has excellent heat resistance and low volatility, it is especially suitable for systems requiring long - term light stability protection. Omnistab AN 1010 + AN 168: According to the requirements, antioxidants are essential in the system. We recommend that hindered phenolic antioxidant (AN1010) will be used in combination with phosphite antioxidant (AN168), the synergistic effect of the two can effectively extend the service life of the product! The recommended addition ratio of two antioxidants is 1:1. Additives package for PP outdoor seatingis: UV329+LS944+AN1010+AN168 The recommended dosage each additive is: 0.5%-1.0%

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