Prevent Paraffin compound from yellowing

Under sunlight, the yellowing phenomenon of Paraffin compound belongs to photooxidation reaction. Adding antioxidant alone is not enough to protect it. We'd like to recommend the combination - Omnistab UV BP 12 or Omnistab UV P + Omnistab AN 1076. Omnistab UV BP 12 is a common Benzophenone provide basic protection. According to recent studies, Omnistab UV P performs even better than UV BP12 in wax system. In addition, it's not recommended to add too much UV absorber in wax, because it may affect the original color of wax. The recommended dosage of Omnistab UV BP 12 or UV P is 0.3-1.0%. Omnistab AN 1076 is a hindered phenol antioxidant suitable for this system, and will achieve synergistic effect. Its recommended dosage is 0.3-0.5%.

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