Additives for recycling PP with HIPS (mix 50% PP with 50% HIPS)

We can recommend an "additive package": Omnistab UV P; This is a Benzotriazole UV absorber which is widely used in HIPS and its co-polymer. UV P has strong UV absorption in the 300-400nm, it performs excellent light resistance under long-term sunshine. Omnistab LS 2020; This is a large molecular weight HALS, which is specially suitable for PP and its composites. Its works well in the system require low volatility and heat resistance. Omnistab AN 3052; This can effectively prevent gel formation in elastomers. And it provide good thermal stability of the co-polymer during hot melting. The recommended dosage of UV P & LS 2020 is 0.3%-0.8%, as for AN 3052, it's 0.5% - 1.0%. This will ensure the thermo-resistance and UV-resistance of their products during processing and using stage.

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